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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  September 13, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. >> hopes are soaring that the
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two u.c. graduate had may be coming home this week. >> that word from mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> i think they will be freed. these two people the very conditions here in prison is like staying in a hotel. >> an iranian court set bail for the two. a third was fraed freed last year. nick, what is the response from washington. >> reporter: this is good news. hillary clinton responded very quickly to the iranian president's statements but her comments would best be described as cautious. >> we are encouraged by what the iranian government have said today but i'm not going to comment further than that. we obviously hope that we will see a positive outcome from what appears to be a decision by the
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government. two were arrested with a third american sarah shourd while hiking along the border two years ago. sarah shourd came home last year after update of $500,000 bail. they convicted the two others to eight years in prison. when word reached a former professor he was enthusiastically optimistic. >> my message would be we are hopeful you will be released and looking forward to see you back here at u.c. campus as alumni and embrace you and hear your story of what your journey was like. >> the trio had denied all charges that say they have mistakenly crossed into iran when they stepped off a dirt road while walking near a water fall. the tone for the two said the court will begin the process to
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free the men after basement of the bail which must be arranged through a third party because of sanctions on iran. thank you so much. >> secretary of stated hillary clinton spoke out this morning on the attack on the u.s. embassy in kabul calling it cowardly. the u.s. will do everything it can to find those responsible. >> the taliban is claiming responsibility this attack. insurgents lobbed grenades and fired assault rifles at the nato headquarters and other siertd sites in kabul while suicide bombers hit police buildings. this was the third major attack since late june raising questions about the u.s. plans to withdraw most american troops by 2015. >> dianne feinstein says her campaign may have been wiped out by democratic campaign treasurer
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they ran the finances in burbank since 1990. durkee is facing federal charges. he is accused of taking thousands of dollars from the campaign of several elected officials in southern california. feinstein's reelection campaign had about five million on the bank and says some of that money is gone. her office is still looking into exactly how much. durkee is currently out on bail as shoe awaits to go to trial to federal fraud charges. >> they will be proposing another twoo tuition hike plan. new plan would raise tuition by 8-16% for every year through 2016 and pace i can tuition could top $22,000. they say the scheduled hikes would cover $2.5 billion they need to pay the bills in the face of state fundings cuts and are better than the
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unpredictable increases students have protested in recent years. a decision will come in november. >> they say the number of americans in poverty jumped more than 15% to a 27 year high. more than 46 million people or one in every six are living in poverty. that is up from just had he million in 2009. today's number is the highest poverty level since 1983. the number for americans without health insurance has increased to 50 million. that is new high. the increase is mainly due to workers no lost their employers provided insurance and median income is a 2% decline from 2009. a few hours from now the u.s. transportation secretary and head of the federal aviation administration will tour the construction site for the new airport control tower. they are urging congress to
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extend funding by friday's deadline. partial shut down of the gains stalled $130 million in airport construction funds and they included the tower at oakland airport that affects about 60 construction workers. temporary funding will run out friday at midnight. governor brown is urging political and business leaders to wager war on unemployment by come batting global warming and preparing for climate change. >> it came during day three of the asia pacific cooperation conference in san francisco. the governor says investment in stopping climate change will create millions of new jobs. this year's conference is the largest diplomatic gathering in california since the united nations convened in san francisco in 1945. one of the key elements is the women's economic summit will include hillary clinton. and just ahead the battle
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over a women's facility. the alternative they have come up with. >> and caught on video a fiery crash leads to a daring rescue, how a group of people saved a man from this.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. bystanders in utah are being called heroes after saving a motorcyclist trapped under a burning car. they say the 21-year-old man slammed into a bmw near the utah
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campus yesterday. both vehicles burst into flames and biker was trapped under the car. a group of workers jumped into action they hoisted the car up to pull the man to safety. to say. >> we were cheering them up. get that car up. we have to get that out of there. >> what those people did, it's very selfless act and they should be commended for it. >> the motorcyclist is in critical condition. the bmw driver had minor injuries. police say they are working to recognize the people that saved the man. >> it's incredible. >> manhunt is under way in contra costa county for four teenagers. one is considered dangerous. amy, you took a tour of place. how could it happen?
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>> reporter: actually pretty easily. it looks like a campout. this is where some of the youths sleep. there are no barbed wire finishes and there are no locks on the door and all they have to do is walk down the driveway to the freedom. >> it was about 8:20 when they took a head count and discovered they were one short. >> it was unlocked facility and it was time during showers and it's not locked. >> the kids that escaped made law enforcement nervous enough that they were on the loose. >> he was in for a violent offense. we thought it was important to notify the homes the residents in the area through telephone number notification. >> about 20 minutes later, 3 more boys walked unnoticed. they think they were probably
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influenced by the fact that the first boy successfully slipped out. >> i was surprised and disappointed. i was concerned that the other youth in the facility were okay, that they would be okay. we check on that you are welfare. i was actually surprised that normally -- this is the first time long time employees can remember four leaving at once. the warning was a bit unnerving. >> you know, i take a lot of stuff for granted. i left the car open with the remote in the car. i locked the car and felt like i needed to lock up things a little bit. >> administrators say the kids at this facility at a low level. those that commit murder and rape are not allowed here. the lack of lock says an important part of their treatment. >> historically the youth will stay here and participate and
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it's not our intent to oppress or demean them. >> because they are juveniles, officials won't release much information about the boys or their offenses that landed them here only telling us they are 14 and 15 years old. the administrator says she feels confident that the boys will be caught. she says when they are, they will not be coming back to this ranch. live in byron, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". planned parenthood would not be on opening a new clinic in redwood city. it came after the city council was scheduled to grant them an operating permit. they pulled the application saying it couldn't come up with the required number of parking spaces. enterprise rent a car offered to provide the spaces but a backed down after anti-abortion groups threatened to picket any business that helped planned
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parenthood. tonight we are presenting an exclusive on jackie kennedy. she recorded her thoughts four months after the assassination of her husband. they have never been released until now. diane sawyer heard the tapes and told me by satellite. it are reflects the raw emotion of a widow. >> you hear her memories and at the same time he is very keen and observing the foibles are everybody on the world stage and it's fascinating to hear her take. sometimes it's enormously funny. she was just sitting right next to you, let me tell you some things. >> her two-hour special in her own words starts right here at
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9:00. >> lisa argen is in for mike today. we still have fog out there. >> quite a contrast inland. numbers in the 80s in some spots. onshore flow is keeping us cool but we are looking at fog breaking up here downtown, today starts a big cooling trend. a big problem with mini skirts. san jose school dress code cheerleaders is anything about cheerful. >> and changes for children under 12, what they won't have to do anymore. ababababababababab
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scloof cheerleaders at san jose school. principal of peid monitored hills high school says the skirts are way too short and violates the school dress code. he told the girls they need to wear sweats underneath them during school hours. but they are okay to around at
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games. the dress code requires skirts or shorts be at least mid thigh. the rule is not new but the enforcement is stepped up this year. >> no comment on that. >> a short controversy on that. >> a brief controversy there. [ laughter ] >> you know what. those skirts would do well out today. the dewpoints are up, muggy air and first off thanks to low clouds and fog and cooler air mass will encompass the entire bay as soon as tomorrow. here is a look from mount tam. marine layer still providing that sea breeze but elsewhere, it's muggy and we're talking warm weather, low 80s out by the delta. so that has to do with areas of low pressure to the south of us spinning off the higher humidity. 57 in half moon bay. 60s in between and very mild
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numbers. inland east bay. clouds are clearing back to the coast. in fact we're find downtown but cooler everywhere. cooler weather takes shape tomorrow. bottoms out on thursday and then by friday, numbers rebound and then the first significant of a shore flow of the summer season, talking numbers well bhof normal and with fog clearing the coast it should be a nice looking weekend. here is what is going on now. we have clearing along monterey but the fog will be moving back quickly and with that, we'll wake up to the gray skies. still thunderstorms in the sierra, nevada throughout the afternoon today. the storm had been heavy around san diego and los angeles and moving up towards las vegas. this area of low pressure is here for another day until getting kicked out from low from the north and west. it is bringing the cooler air mass knocking the numbers down,
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allowing the low clouds and fog make it well into the foothills. we'll look for the big cooldown before things switch around. we have a flash flood watch for sierra nevada yesterday afternoon. today we could see heavy downpours once again, 80 in yosemite. look for the fog to stay put here. we're not looking at lot of sun but partly cloudy, south bay, upper 70s. you've been enjoying sunshine and 80 in campbell. peninsula, the fog getting hung up here ace the the am coming in at 72. 70 in millbrae. san francisco, big change with the low clouds and fog, it's back so temperatures will be much cooler, only in the mid-60s. 82 in novato. you are feeling the cooldown in near east bay talking breezy at times, 72 san leandro and still a warm afternoon here. last day of numbers in 80s, 85 in pleasanton.
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86 in danville and fog moving back into monterey right now. it will push more after temperatures here just in the mid 60s. notice today where the numbers start to come down in most areas and then we really get another 4-5 degrees cooler tomorrow. coolest day of the week should be friday and then much warmer weather with highs well above normal. sunny beaches by then. >> part of a rollercoaster. >> thanks v. >> and a message to riders at oakland's jack london rail station. amtrak and red cross teaming up providing passengers with some very important information about disaster preparedness. riders will receive information for their families and businesses and themselves. >> people need to be safe in their homes and also in between. commuters, it's very important for commuters to be aware that they are the most important
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factor in their own safety. government can't keep you safe alone and neither can the nonprofit sector, plus the individuals and the businesses. passengers' jack london terminal, they received information about what kind of supplies everybody should have on hand in an emergency quit. and there is a new airport security policy coming soon for children under 12. homeland security secretary j pap pap will roll down a different policy for kids. some travelers and policy advocates complain that children don't era appear to be a threat are subject to intimate pat-downs. children under 12 will no longer have to take off their shoes during security screenings. >> hit talk show the view is under way and barbara walters talked to us about changes.
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barbara says expect a heavier on hot topics. sara jessica parker and bill o'rye reilly and dick cheney but they say the mix of co-hostsd that should keep the viewers' attention. >> they don't always agree. it's like sitting around a dinner table except there is a five women which they mostly like, there is one of us that annoys and that is not a bad thing. >> they will have susan lucci and a sneak peek of the final broadcast. >> it's hard h@
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>>d the at 3:00, hull go hogan. then at 4:00 and 5:00. >> i just load up because it's a bargain. >> those stores make you want to buy more but do you save more? michael finney looks at whether the warehouse stores really pay off. and state's plan to reunite inmates with their families by releasing locked up moms early. >> those microclimates at big play? >> 80s in the east bay, bug mug gi but back home, fog and temperatures are going to be cool in the city. it's brightening up so the numbers are coming down and tomorrow another 4-5 degrees cooling. coolest day on friday and the plan is for an offshore flow and numbers to climbing to the 80s and 90s and that sounds beach
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weather for the first time. >> for some people. >> that is going to do it for abc news. "who wants to be a millionaire" is communicating up next. >> bye-bye. clitititititititititt
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